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REVOX Sterilization Solutions provides expert guidance and services to meet the most ambitious project objectives related to terminal sterilization; from increasing manufacturing efficiency to achieving optimal sterilization outcomes for complex or delicate devices or materials.

The REVOX sterilization technology uses room temperature vaporized peracetic acid (VPA), which is injected into a pressurized chamber. Room temperature VPA greatly improves material compatibility over other sterilization methods that incorporate heat.

In fact, in May 2014 medical manufacturer Osteo Symbionics announced that it had received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Class II CLEARSHIELD® cranial implant, using the REVOXSterilization Technology.


REVOX Sterilization Solutions offers:

  • Feasibility and Validation Testing
  • Contract or On-Site Sterilization Options
  • Chamber size options to meet throughput needs
  • Expert guidance to help meet technical, operational,

  regulatory, and financial project objectives




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