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Envair are in clean air equipment specialist New Zealand and Ausralia, they are containment facility specialist for the pharmaceutical industry (primary and secondary), biotechnology, research laboratories and healthcare.

Envair offers a comprehensive range of integrated solutions including:-

  • Standard and bespoke application based isolators (gloveboxes)
  • Powder handling products

Envair are specialists in clean air and containment facilities for the pharmaceutical industry (primary and secondary), biotechnology, research laboratories and healthcare.

All Envair equipment is comprehensively supported by Critical Certification's after-sales service team.

Envair specialises in clean air and containment facilities for healthcare, research laboratories, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, everywhere in fact where HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter systems are used to provide a particle-free environment for critical work, or to contain contamination generated by the work within a defined area, or both.

All of our products are sold through a dedicated network of suitably experienced world-wide distributors and technical sales representatives covering the medical, clinical and laboratory sectors.

Our distributors are all exclusive within their region of coverage in order to ensure mutual commitment and a long-term focus on you, the customer.


Envair has specialised for many years in hospital pharmacy aseptic facilities where medicines are mixed and prepared for patients. Such medicines must be free of microbiological and particulate contamination. The work itself is carried out in Envair isolators (gloveboxes) as your containment facility specialist. These can be positive pressure, where the predominant requirement is for product protection, or negative pressure, where technicians require additional protection from potential contamination by cytotoxic drugs of unknown toxicity. Lead-lined isolators are used for handling radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine. Envair is the world market leader in hospital pharmacy containment facility specialist and now works closely with specialists in hydrogen peroxide gassing systems to provide integrated solutions for high volume production facilities.

Research laboratories

Some research activities require controlled atmospheres, which may be low oxygen, or low relative humidity, or both. For these activities, Envair can provide specialised controlled atmosphere isolators (gloveboxes).


Envair can design and build specialised isolators in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and plastics, to enclose or link with bioreactors and other equipment used in biotechnology. 

Pharmaceutical industry

Envair has a wide range of application-based isolators for research, quality control and production, including controlled atmosphere isolators, negative pressure isolators, sterility test isolators and filling line isolators. In addition Envair has the capability to design bespoke units to the customer's own URS (User Requirement Specification). Envair has a full understanding of GMP, validation and regulatory requirements in this clean air equipment specialist in New Zealand and Australia.

Envair also provides solutions in primary production where powders are handled in large volumes. Downflow booths allow sampling and mixing of powders under controlled conditions. Bespoke isolators have been built for the safe offloading, charging, sub-dividing, pre-formulation and dispensing of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) from suppliers' containers. Simple secure containment isolators have been developed and supplied for valves (such as split butterfly valves) for hoppers, vessels and reactors.

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Pathology Mortuary Solutions

Envair supply a complete range of equipment for Pathology Mortuary Solutions, including the following:

  • Ventilated Workstations for Pathological Dissection
  • Ventilated Enclosures for Tissue Specimen Storage
  • Combination Embalming Sink Stations
  • Multi Bay Chilled Body Storage
  • Modular Chilled Boby Storage and Racking
  • Body Tray Trolleys with Battery Powered or Manual Hydraulics
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Sinks

For more information, please visit the Envair clean air equipment specialist in New Zealand and Australia. website at:http://www.envair.co.uk/ 

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