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Critical Certification Pty Ltd is a N.A.T.A. accredited Testing Laboratory for Controlled Environments. Our experience team of technicians can ensure that your Controlled Environments are tested to meet the requirements of the current relevant Australian or overseas standard.

 Some tests that we perfom include:

  • Biological Safety Cabinets to Australian (AS2252), or overseas Standards such as ANSI/NSF49
  • Pharmaceutical Isolators to AS4273
  • Laminar Air Flow cabinets to AS2252.6
  • Fume Hoods to AS2243.8 (Ducted Units) or AS2243.9 (Recirculating Units)
  • HEPA Filters to AS1807.6, AS1807.7 or ISO14644-3
  • Controlled Environments Testing and Certification inline with the requirements of EU GMP Pic/s
  • Private & Public Hospital Operating Theatres
  • University & Research Facility Cleanrooms
  • Animal Facilities
  • Bio-Containment Facilities, PC3 or PC4
  • TGA & FDA Accredited Cleanrooms
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  • Biotechnology Cleanrooms
  • Operator Protection Factor Certification to K.I. Discus Test (AS1807.26

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Critical Certification supply NATA endorsed Test Certificates.

We realise that your Controlled Environment is an important production requirement, therefore we will advise immediately if any rectification work is required to ensure that your equipment / installation is returned to its working condition in the shortest period of time.

Critical Certification prides itself on the technical knowledge and professionalism of our employees so that we can quickly and expeditly address your questions and concerns. Furthermore, it is our belief that the safety of our employees and clients is paramount and we therefore pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are a market leader in the instigation of Safe Work Practices.

Critical Certification were the first Australian based Testing Laboratory to offer the K.I. Discus Test for Operator Protection. Our technicians attended a seminar at Containment Technologies facility in the UK hosted by Mr David Pennington and Professor Ray Clark where they were taught 'hands on' how the unit is correctly used and how to interpretate the results obtained. Without this important training, our technicians would be unable to offer our clients the high level of service that we pride ourselves upon. 

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