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BioClean products are part of world leading manufacturer Ansell Limited’s Life Sciences Solutions portfolio.

Offering the largest range of gloves under one brand, disposable garments providing head-to-toe protection, a selection of autoclavable or single use goggles, chemo safety wear for critical extra protection, facemasks suitable for all controlled environments and a comprehensive choice of essential accessories

We’re in total control of the entire manufacturing process, adhering to stringent quality systems, meeting rigorous ISO and EN regulations and maintaining continuously high standards.

All BioClean products are processed and packed in an ISO Class 4 or 5 cleanroom ensuring our products are pristine to make certain your people, products and processes stay protected.

Selection of your products will depend on a whole host of factors.


Some questions which need to be asked are:

• Do I need sterile or non-sterile products?

• What class is my cleanroom?

• How many wearers do I have?

• Do I need reusable or disposable garments?


These are the basic questions that need to be addressed and are of vital importance. Once nswered, you can then explore the more granular requirements of compatibility, certification and validation of the products needed to ensure your processes are kept intact.

Our Product Specialist has a comprehensive search facility within each product section enabling us to assist you to find the exact product match for your requirements.

Whether it’s EN 374 for your gloves, PPE Cat 3 for your garments, ASTM D6978-05 for your chemo protective wear, or BFEs for your masks, you can be confident that we will have all the information you need, in the detail you need, with the backup you need, every time.


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