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MPA Technical Devices was Established in 1998, and manufacture a complete quality range of Filling Needles, Metering Pumps, Stopper Guide Tubes, Screw Conveyors, Manifolds and Filling Nozzles and Blowers for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Needle types are Manufactured from Stainless Steel to include, but not limited to Flat Tip, Scoop Tipped, Flute Tipped, together with Spherical Tipped.

They also manufacture a complete range from PEEK and can accommodate any Manufacturers’ Specification.


Mpa Technical Devices can Design and Manufacture Manifolds for every Brands of Filling Machines.

  • Bausch + Ströbel – Bausch Stroebel Advanced Technologies
  • BOC Edwards – Calumatic
  • Bosch – TL
  • Chase-Logeman
  • Cozzoli
  • Watson-Marlow Flexicon
  • Groninger
  • Ima Farmomac
  • Inova
  • Mar
  • Marchesini – Corima
  • M&O Perry
  • Rota
  • National Instrument – Filamatic
  • Optima – Kugler
  • Romaco
  • Pkb
  • Truking


  • Mpa Technical Devices has developed a exclusive Autoclavable Filling Needles in Peek : the peek needle is a revolutionary type of plastic needle,  expecially suitable for aseptic environments and acid substances. This is not designed to be disposable (for single use)  but to be autoclaved a number of times as high as possible.

    In existing machines outfitted with stainless steel needles, peek needles can immediately replace the stainless steel ones, since they are manufactured with the same design.

    Peek needles can be manufactured  for the Following Brands of Machinery:


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